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Paul Rose founds Vintage Motorcar Company as a sole proprietorship in Summit Point, WV.


Vintage Motorcar’s growing clientele brings John Bassler to join Vintage Motorcar Co as a full partner in June, leading to Vintage Motorcar Company LLC. Continued growth leads Paul to leave his full-time position at a local restoration shop to dedicate himself as VMC’s first full-time employee.


In February, John ends his affiliation with a local restoration shop to become VMC’s second full-time employee. A mere four (4) months later, VMC hires a part time employee to help manage the company’s increasing workload.


Bursting at the seams at the Summit Point location, VMC secures a facility in Harpers Ferry, WV in February. Necessary upgrades are made to the facility and VMC moves in April. The larger facility and burgeoning workload leads to the hiring of three (3) additional full-time employees. In two year’s time, VMC has grown from a one person operation to a successful restoration business with five (5) full-time employees and one (1) part time employee.


Having restored award winning automobiles and developing a reputation for quality work, VMC outgrows the facility in Harpers Ferry and begins the process of building a 9000+ square foot facility to better serve their needs and the needs of their clientele. Paul and John purchase land in nearby Inwood, WV and planning begins.


In November, VMC moves into the new facility in Inwood, WV where it currently operates, employing seven (7) full-time and one (1) part time employee.

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VMC offers group tours to preview our restorations in progress! Please call for more information

About Vintage Motorcar Company

Paul J Rose
Co-owner of Vintage Motorcar Company LLC

Paul J. Rose was born and raised in the Washington DC area. From an early age, Paul possessed the curiosity and drive to explore to find out more information about anything mechanical. While he has had no formal training as an engineer, Paul’s family has a strong background in that field. His father and grandfather passed along to him many invaluable problem solving techniques and practices, which carried him from a boy interested in antique automobiles to a professional restorer and business owner. Paul’s mother, an accomplished artist in her own right, also had a strong influence by passing along the necessary artistic skills that give Paul an edge in producing superior restoration projects.

Paul received his first antique automobile at the age of 12—a 1951 Chevrolet Deluxe Styleline two door sedan. Recognizing Paul’s love of cars, his father gave him the Chevrolet so that Paul could develop his skills and spend his time focusing on a project he would enjoy and appreciate. In keeping with that tradition, Paul has recently passed along that very car to his own young son, in an effort to instill in his son the same strong values of hard work, mechanical knowledge and a sense of accomplishment.

Having always worked in the automotive field, Paul has familiarity with almost every aspect of the industry. Paul’s past experiences include but are not limited to being a customer advisor, managing a parts department, and conducting sales to a line technician at a high end European auto dealership. These experiences and his affinity for hands on mechanical work led Paul to work for other leading and successful restoration shops. With the best attributes from all of his experiences, Paul partnered with John Bassler to build Vintage Motorcar Company LLC. With complimentary philosophies, Paul and John continue to work side by side managing the large but personable restoration facility of their own.

Paul, his wife and their two children reside near Berryville, VA. The Rose family enjoys owning and driving their own antique automobiles to car shows and related events. They particularly like touring and have participated in several Glidden and Founders tours. Paul is a member in several local and national antique automobile clubs and has held officer posts in some of those organizations. When not participating in the hobby, Paul’s family also enjoys the outdoors, hiking and visiting with family and friends.


John K Bassler
John Bassler, co-owner of Vintage Motorcar Company LLC,
has been involved in antique auto restoration for over 20 years

At a very young age, John’s father, an engineer, would take him to many car shows. John’s father would also regale him with stories of family members and friends who worked for Ford and GM back in the golden years of American car production. John’s grandfather worked for years in the Tool and Die shop at Chevrolet Manufacturing in Flint, Michigan. Grandfather Bassler’s tools are some of John’s most treasured possessions. Intrigued by these stories and his interest in working with tools, John began to soak up knowledge of the cars he would see. John became fixated with cars and, in particular, the workings of anything mechanical. These influences greatly inspired John to dream of and pursue a career in antique auto restoration and to possibly one day own a business related to that field.

Following high school, John attended James Madison University to pursue a Bachelors degree in Fine arts, another long time interest. John excelled in drawing and painting with most of his subject matter being antique car related. While in college and immediately following college, John worked for three restoration shops, gaining much of his knowledge and experience—with metal working eventually becoming his specialty—in the aspects of restoration from each shop.

John met his business partner, Paul, while working at one of the antique auto restoration shops. John and Paul eventually realized their shared interest in and similar philosophies about the hobby. In 2001, John and Paul joined forces in pursuit of their dreams and formed their partnership Vintage Motorcar Co LLC.

John owns several antique cars and has restored a few that have belonged to his family. His other interests include collecting Sinclair Dino petroliana, reading, and spending time with his family and friends. John, his wife and young son live nearby in the Winchester, VA area.